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  • cocks my head to the side

    I'm not sure what you're trying to argue here. That having a tribe is supposed to prevent you from getting "stuck" at high Harmony? But for that to work, you have to violate the Oath of the Moon, which is exactly what the tribes don't want you to do. The logic just doesn't track for me. If the Oath of the Moon always gives you breaking points toward Spirit, then werewolves who actually follow it, and don't go out of their way to break it, would generally stay at higher Harmony....
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  • I'm not sue that tracks. If you're following the oath faithfully, you will stay on the higher side of Harmony, generally. Unless you're saying that the benefit of having a tribe is that you have the opportunity to violate the Oath, and roll more breaking points toward Spirit. (I realize I worded the thread title poorly and it was too late to edit it - what I meant to say is that the Oath as written in the corebook encourages you toward Flesh.) In which case you're saying the main benefit of a tribe is having more rules that can be broken, to your benefit, which doesn't seem right....
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  • Improved Oath of the Moon: Encourage Balance, Not Spirit

    EDIT: I can't change the thread title, but it should have been "Encourage Balance, Not Flesh"

    ...there is some silliness with the Oath of the Moon as written, like eating human flesh being a Breaking Point toward Flesh and Spirit simultaneously. The more I looked at this, the more I realized that it doesn't make sense for violating the Oath of the Moon to always break you toward Spirit. If anything, it should encourage you to stay in balance, right? Why would the Uratha follow an oath that pushes them to one of the extremes? So rather than the Oath encouraging you to become...
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  • I don't think so, necessarily. You get Essence from eating human or wolf flesh regardless of your primal urge. So you might not need it to survive but it's a very quick way to get 7 or 8 Essence without having to go into the Shadow or piss off the spirit courts.

    Apparently my group is bizarre.

    I don't read it that way at all. I think at Primal Urge 4+ you can no longer benefit from cooked meat, but nowhere does it suggest that you can't get nourishment from raw meat at lower levels. I interpret those diet restrictions as not being that you...
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  • Okay, that sort of answered my question, but the more I read this chart the more confused I get.

    If I'm a Forsaken and I deliberately hunt a human, kill them, and eat them, how many total Harmony breaking points do I actually roll? It seems absurd, but by a very strict interpretation, it seems like it would be four, with two of them directly contradicting:

    * Killing a human or wolf -> Spirit
    * Hunting humans or wolves for food -> Spirit
    * Eating human or wolf flesh for Essence -> Spirit
    * Violating the Oath of the Moon ("Do Not Eat the...
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