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  • Indeed, my question was most about the limits of the magic (and why Fate mages are not ruling the world already).

    Unless you reach, and then it is just an hour.

    I prefer nalak42 interpretation, ask for anyone/anything that is not a script of how the encounter will go. And then use Serendipity to know what to do about your intention. So:
    • Use Shifting the Odds to find a "Female supermodel" and Serendipity to know what to do so she will "find me attractive / sleep with me"
    • Use Shifting the Odds to locate a
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  • But without conditionals how can you specify what you need? I placed three examples in the opening post: kidnapped high schooler (whom the character wants to rescue), female supermodel that finds the character desirable (whom the PC might want to know in the biblical sense) and the assassin of another person (that the PC wants to catch), all of them fit the:

    So if “corrupt cop” is valid, then “kidnapped high-schooler is valid too. As it would be the female (Trait), supermodel (occupation), that finds me attractive (context-specific quality), perhaps pushing the 3 descriptors...
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    The questions have arisen again in our game, one question was: "Multimillionaire that will make me its heir just because it likes me", the players are in Monaco (lots of rich people per capita, the city has been packed with rich tourists), so the idea was that it was more likely to meet such rich person (if any exists) then and there than say in the middle of Somaliland.

    This seems imposible, but the spell has no limits on the person to be found as long is not an specific individual.

    Even more outlandish...
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