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  • Xerxes
    replied to How to find a geomancer
    That makes sense. I guess the question is then the relative scarcity of manses and manse-building.

    I got the original impression they were super-rare; While the Blessed Isle is knee-deep in dragonlines, I was struggling to justify them elsewhere.

    However, what I'm taking away from this discussion is that geomancers are the equivalent of bellmakers: skilled tradesmen, probably itinerant unless they're on retainer to a noble house somewhere, but not like hens' teeth. There should be more geomancers than dragon-blooded, which I wasn't envisaging before.

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  • Xerxes
    started a topic How to find a geomancer

    How to find a geomancer

    My Solar players are (among other things) in the process of cleansing a demesne on one of the Western isles in preparation for building a manse. While one of them does have a Lore specialty in Essence (which I've allowed to guide the pieces of cleansing the place from being a shadowland into a "clean" demesne), there are no geomancers in the Circle.

    How have other people managed to have covert or other non-Realm geomancers or geomancy knowledge in their Solar games, beyond the knowledge granted through reincarnation?
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