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  • Noodle, I'm your gift-giver, and I apologize-I am a king of delays and haituses.

    Know that I am indeed working on your gift! Know that it will be unconscionably late!
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  • Wise Old Guru
    replied to Urchin Quest
    “Now what?” You look up at Eel and put your hands on your hips…and break into a huge grin. “Now we celebrate, you old bastard! Eel, if I give you some cash to go buy us a nice dinner and something to drink, can I trust you to actually come back with a nice dinner and something to drink?”

    “Kid…I know you. I get that you’re just trying to be sorta friendly and snarky,” Eel frowns. “But, well, it’s raining, and your hair is covering your eyes, and I dunno if you’ve noticed but there’s a bunch of ravens circlin’ over your head. You’re comin’ across real threatening-like.”...
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