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  • Klaek
    replied to Ambush, Join Battle and Initiative
    They only get to shout "en garde!" and draw their swords if they beat your join battle roll. Even then you have still surprised them and get bonuses for it. They just got to react faster than you anticipated. Which is exactly what a good join battle roll(default of wits+awareness) should be able to result in.

    The unfortunate thing about this is people creating your stealth/backstabbing character don't necessarily realise the importance of wits and awareness for their join battle roll until they get into combat. You could fluff this as they had to anticipate the opportune...
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  • You provoked this in the first place by saying your method of calculating resulting in 10xp per dot was better than his that resulted in 12xp.

    Sure you can make hypothetical scenarios that show 10xp works in comparison to base. However that is from a hypothetical scenario, disregarding the other scenarios that differ.

    Going 10xp per dot puts everyone on the equivalent footing of a min maxed character. Going 12xp per dot is closer to middle of the road and putting people balanced with a more "typical" character. Ofcourse definition of typical may vary....
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  • That ignores the starting attributes though.

    Even if you assume a min maxed character starting with 4 5's, 1 3 and 4 1's you result in a saving of 8 xp if they worked to a hypothetical all 5's. Assuming they dont start min maxed your system saves even more xp.

    Edit: In the optimal xp cost spread the average cost per point is 10.444 to reach max stats. In the least optimal the result is 13.556. Averaging these two results in the cost of 12 suggested by armyofwhispers....
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    Last edited by Klaek; 05-14-2019, 11:12 PM.

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