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  • "What happened to all you guys? You're such in a terrible shape!"
    "It... so much fire... it burns... it..."
    "It can't be the Anathema, we decapitated them and flayed their skin, we all made sure of that. They couldn't have survived, right?"
    "... not the Lunar..."
    "Then what the hell did this to you?"
    Before the poor soul in the infirmary can articulate a reply, she doubles over and vomits white maggots.
    At least they are safe while they are being nursed back to health, and they can even admire the view from the...
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  • There's a recurring kinda-sorta character that I have that's a vaguely humanoid being with no arms, a ton of head-tentacles, and many big creepy eyes, something halfway between Lovecraft and the weirder bosses in Legend of Zelda.
    Well, not only it turns out the general concept is very doable as a hybrid shape, thanks to a lot of freedom being given for aesthetics, but it's the perfect excuse to take all of the grapple-related mutations/charms and have fun with it, having so far never made a grappling-focused character in Ex3.
    I don't even care if most of the eyes have to be moonsilver...
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  • ChairKicker
    replied to Lunar Charms you feel are missing?
    "A dog ate my homework! And another ate the bills, as for my birth certificate, well, you see, there was a third dog..."...
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