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  • If both are simultaneously true, then I can only see one conclusion.

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  • Mortal on the Blessed Isle makes a new friend, a very quirky guy with such high charisma, manipulation and influence expressed in Presence, Socialize and Linguistics despite his questionable manners and hygiene that he can only be a Solar. Mortal gets roped into acts of increasing dissidence and violence, and the creation of a very underground, very illegal dojo, while being the victim of weird "incidents" that compromise his previously decent lifestyle at the service of the Realm.

    Mortal guy realizes that his Solar friend was responsible for those incidents. When he's finally...
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  • ChairKicker
    replied to The Art of What Fire Has Wrought
    I love the corebook cover art, but this one, I'm not so hot about, despite recognizing them both as very similar styles. I think it's a certain lack of contrast, particularly in regards to the armor, that gives the art an unpleasant appearance against this background.

    Well, I for one wouldn't paint my bedroom walls to look like my skin color... well, my white-ass ass wouldn't......
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