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  • Anyway, I got your point.

    Without going further off topic I'd prefer hear other's thoughts.
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  • That's a splat and it's either based on superficial stereotyping or kind of omniscience we humans don't have.

    Also, lumping people into groups like that is very easy and useful.

    So, what if the drone-LARPer you mentioned spends money on charity instead and has ongoing depression and that larping experience in about once a month is the only thing, that makes them happy and alive, but they can't kinda just drop their job. Are they "secretly a good guys" now or they just pretend to be more creative and wondrous, than they are?

    How about a doctor,...
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  • Firkraag
    started a topic Banality as trait of action

    Banality as trait of action

    Recently I had this weird idea about banality...

    First I thought to get rid of Banality of places (and yes, canonically, there was at least one place, defined as Banal Black Hole - in 2ed Immortal Eyes San Francisco supplement).
    There is no intrinsic Banality score of the place.

    Then I thought why not also get rid of Splats' Banality score. For each their own.
    There might be Dreamers Technocracy, although brainwashing definitely can mess with that.

    Now I'm thinking... What if Banality has no Intrinsic score and depends solely on two concepts....
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  • Throw out pre-packaged ratings of Banality and go with your gut.

    Think of Banality as a spectrum for every individual Changeling, Mortal or Prodigal to fit in somewhere, based on their individual circumstances and experiences and not determined solely by their assossiated groups.

    Have fun.
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