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  • Jachra
    started a topic Perfected Material Armor

    Perfected Material Armor

    I was toying around with the notion of armor made out of perfected materials, and I noticed that there don't seem to be rules for what armor made out of them would count as.

    Siderite is the most obvious choice. You'd need to make it flexible (either via cunning joins and the like), but while it would itself resist all harm, the person underneath it would still have to deal with the impact of blows.

    If one had plate armor forged entirely of Siderite, what should its protective value be in terms of its Armor rating?
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  • Jachra
    started a topic Potency of Teleportation

    Potency of Teleportation

    Teleportation's primary factor is Potency, but it doesn't say what that affects, exactly.

    My guess is that it's the number of subjects you can affect at once - IE, a single cast lets you take up to 3 people along for the ride when you teleport somewhere. Is that correct, or is it irrelevant?
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