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  • Get Out was fantastic, wasn't it? It makes me wonder what Jordan Peele has planned next. There are a few different ways a CoD story or chronicle based on it could be handled!

    A Demon could easily play the role of the patriarchal brain surgeon, enabling poop-tons of positive racism for souls in return. Really this seems to be the easiest 1-to-1 route.

    I can see an Invictus-run social club using some weird Domination-5-centric devotion to throw the minds of client vampires into the bodies of non-white mortals, to experience being mortal and to "get a taste of how the
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  • Interesting! I like the idea of mages and vampires bucking for influence and control. In my Boston-centric campaign, the vampire court is scared shitless of the Nemean and refuse to interact with mages as a result. Always interesting to see a different take on it.

    I feel you could do some with sin-eaters, as there are a lot of local disasters that killed many people. The Molasses Flood, the Cocoanut Grove fire, the Summer Street Disaster, the Great Revere Train Wreck, the Chinatown speakeasy collapse in 1925, and a whole bunch of street riots. There are also a couple of Boston-specific...
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