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  • Lackey Man Ren
    replied to Homebrew 2e contracts!
    Well, I don't know. I can take a stab at it, though.

    On one hand, "gaining immunity to natural instances of the element" in Cloak of the Elements seems pretty straightforward. On the other hand the Contract wouldn't necessarily protect someone from being deprived of an element out of the Contract's bounds (i.e. oxygen), in a "it's not the fall that kills you, it's the landing" sort of way. In this case, the fall and the landing in question are water and fatal hypoxia. I personally think that the Contract would protect well against torrential rain and blasts from...
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  • Lackey Man Ren
    replied to Homebrew 2e contracts!
    Don't see why not.
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  • Lackey Man Ren
    started a topic Homebrew 2e contracts!

    Homebrew 2e contracts!

    Let's swap stuff we've made!

    One of my players wanted to be a bard (more specifically, an anthropomorphic cello) for our campaign. I laid out of couple of ground rules, thinking it would be a changeling Merit. I realized though that it should probably be codified into a Contract.

    Orphic Hymns (• – •••, I might nudge this up a dot rating)
    Changelings who were stolen away to Arcadia for their musical skills sometimes come back able to sharpen the senses or skills of others with their playing.

    At •, no Glamour to assist rolls involving Mental...
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