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  • So, Vampyr, yay or nay?
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  • Night Witches is exactly the game that prompted me to re-examine AW. I might get the game itself to see if the mechanics, when not told in VB's irritating style, grab me.

    Heavy_Arms is spot on vis-a-vis my gripes with the lexicon. The redefinition of common terms that is not reflected in universe is exactly that "different for the sake of different" that puts me off....
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  • Herbert_West
    started a topic Sell me on Apocalypse World (or don't)

    Sell me on Apocalypse World (or don't)

    Hello fellow pretend Creatures of Light and Darkness!

    I assume at least some of you are familiar with Apocalypse World, the RPG, and I would like to ask those of you that are to try and sell it to me. I have bought it (in PDF from), so it's not a literal sell, but a metaphorical one. I have tried to get into it at least twice now, admittedly only by reading, but bounced off hard both times. It seems that every second RPG I encounter is "Powered By The Apocalypse", so there must be something to it.

    What am I missing, if anything?

    For context, the...
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