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  • This is a game about the dead and their inability to move on. I want it to be dark
    Though to each their own, naturally. But if Stygia isn't reliant of the tithe of souls, the whole system collapses in-universe, as there is no need for a feudal analogue, and the Rebels and Heretics lose their raison d'etre (since a large chunk of the opposing forces oppose not the order, but the abuse of souls).

    It kinda breaks the setting, no? I might compromise that building material analogues get affected by Oblivion's decay, and have to be re-mined every once in a while (so pavement, houses,...
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  • Mind if I steal this? Legions always stuck me as a crowbaring of a Vampire-style clan system in a setting that did not need it, further muddled by the varying level of reference to them (Wraith2E core barely mentions them), and the whole parallel organisation of the Guilds....
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  • What, exactly, are the changes to Stygian Steel, and is soulsteel, and the associated themes (horrors of soulforging, horrors of its necessity, the permanence of souls in an afterlife where everything else is impermanent) still a key component?...
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  • Level 1 blood bonds, however they are conceptualised in the setting, are not that big a deal. Having a pack of 5-10 vampires you rotate for blood duty (have them fill up, drink them with a modicum of care, let them rest for half a year) is a trivial task for a Methuselah.
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