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  • A Forces Unmaking spell just makes the momentum the target had go poof, they wouldn't suffer any detrimental effects from deacceleration. It's just has momentum to has no momentum in an instant (which can have very lethal consequences of its own depending on what kind of velocity you were targetting).
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  • It's... complicated.
    Mechanically speaking I think the Awakening is the result of an imperial spell cast by the Watchtowers and to remove it or any part of it even temporarily you'd have to best them in a Clash of Wills - which as a non Archmaster you loose automatically. So while this spell is theoretically possible, it's utterly useless for regular mages.

    That said I personally tend to deviate from this setting detail and allow Prime unmaking to temporarily shut a mage's magic down completely, so personally I think this is a neat spell.
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  • Not quite. You target one specific spell with "Dispel Magic", only that spell is affected. If you add in Fate 1 you can however determine for which subjects (if there are multiple people affected) are dispelled. Say a Thyrsus turns Mike, Sabrina and Tyler into rodents. Now Examplus, an Obrimos, comes by and decides to Dispel the spell. He doesn't like Tyler very much however and is fine with him being a rodent, so he uses Fate 1 to only dispel the transformation on Mike and Sabrina, leaving Tyler affected by the spell....
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