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  • There is the Doom Howler merit, which is unnofficial content from one of the Werewolf writers. Not exactly what you asked for, since it's a merit, but as far as I know it's the closest we have currently.

    Doom Howler (Werewolf Merit ••)
    Prerequisite: Cahalith Auspice
    Effect: Your character replaces the Prophetic Dreams Auspice Ability with the Doom Howler ability: Once per chapter, you can force an attack or hostile effect that would be targeted at a packmate to be targeted at the Cahalith instead, if it would possibly be viable. This is your choice as the player, rather
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  • I'd also just like to add that RAW an Urhan can use stamina + athletics (and therefore speed) even if the person who has the edge has determined a different pool, since the only deterrent for that is a dice penalty (no 10-again and a dice penalty), and usually even with that the speed pool is still preferable.
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