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  • Here's what I would say.

    1. I would never give conditions on exceptionals for combat rolls. Your bonus is that you got to deal more damage. Be happy.
    2. In a grapple, I would totally allow a -3 to target the head or whatever the appropriate area is to avoid armor, that penalty would be to the initial grapple roll, the disadvantage being that you could potentially lose the grapple roll due to the penalty.
    3. Yes, you maintain full defense during a grapple, aside from the usual penalties to defense from multiple attackers. (Unless of course the hold or restrain maneuvers...
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  • If you have a +6 weapon and get to attack twice in a row, you're going to take most things down. The advantage of Gauru is being able to heal all lethal damage, ideally before it wraps around. They can reflexively change forms (with an essence, or as you said, at certain harmony levels) which means, after the first +6, initiative roll or not, any wise uratha would've reflexively changed before the next turn even started. They don't need to wait for their turn on initiative.

    So, a few questions. No gifts? Savagery (+Purity to Damage from Gauru), Shaping gift to ignore Glory in armor,...
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