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  • Darth Fanboy
    replied to Ghost Gate Query
    My thought had been that the base version is duration on the gate, not on the movement, so it seems that the Reach version is going to permanently shift them across? Or am I missing something?
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  • Darth Fanboy
    started a topic Ghost Gate Query

    Ghost Gate Query

    A thought on Ghost Gate, in particular the Reach version: Does the variant with additional Reach permanently shift the target into Twilight? If so, when used as an attack, it seems a spectacular "I win" button when facing up against anyone who doesn't have the third dot of Death or equivalent powers, stranding them in death-attuned twilight with no possibility of return and cancelling just about everyone's capacity to retaliate.

    "+1 Reach: The mage is able to transform her subject into the Twilight state without the use of the gate. All of her clothes and personal...
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