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  • Also, according to the WW Wiki, Bruce Baugh said that while the Lady is Eve, she isn't necessarily a wraith. What she is could be quite interesting in itself.
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  • adambeyoncelowe
    replied to Liches?
    Saulot made them do it.
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  • Arguably, the urban power fantasy was actually at its height in latterday second edition (Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand being the big one; but Mage had all kinds of gonzo fun going on at this time, too), but there had always been tendencies there (Chaos Factor, anyone?).

    What Revised did was scale that back a bit and broaden the playable factions. With the exception of the Week of Nightmares, which was the product of blowing up a whole gameline, the rest of the edition didn't feel as epic as books that had come before it.

    The Sabbat and Camarilla became easier to play,...
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