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  • HelmsDerp
    replied to On the nature of iron
    Dzarumazh explicitly spends a great deal of time in the mortal world, enough to have an established alternate identity with innumerable contacts and allies, a business front, and a paper trail dating back centuries. The Conqueror Worm is a pretty atypical Gentry.

    That said, there is a pretty significant barrier to mundane solutions. Dzarumazh would have to trust another being enough to reveal his weakness and allow them to interact with it, and a combination of pride and paranoia makes that essentially impossible....
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  • I would assume +1/+1, but that's based on the rather flimsy precedent of contracts that grant armor give equal amounts of general and ballistic
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  • General armor is very, very strong, so anything that can get you points of that is helpful. Stonebones, Metalflesh, and similar kiths haven't been updated to second edition (still waiting on Kith and Kin) but you could talk to your ST about a kith blessing that lets you spend glamour to gain some amount of armor rating for the scene. I've been going with "increase armor by 1/1 per point of glamour spent, to a maximum of half your Wyrd (rounded up)

    Sword has some pretty powerful defensive contracts but they're bundled with offense. Red Rage is very strong but doesn't fit the gentle...
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  • It's not just an art inconsistency. Page 45 of first edition corebook references Changelings "Looking in a passing baby carriage and seeing a newly formed fetch waving its cornhusk legs and twig fingers".
    Lucy in It Happened To Me part V on pages 230 and 231 of the second edition core can see James' true cloth doll nature when she looks at his reflection, and the description is consistent with Aimee's.

    There are multiple textual examples in both editions of characters looking at a fetch and seeing a weird doll person instead of a flesh and blood human.
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