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  • Equinox road had the most comprehensive rules on how to build a Fae before second edition. Not surprisingly, second edition uses a fairly similar base.

    I will say that Autumn Nightmares and Grim Fears will give you *wildly* different perspectives on how powerful keepers are/are intended to be. Autumn Nightmares is written primarily as antagonists for starting characters, Grim Fears is decidedly about challenging even the most advanced Changelings. Like, some of the AN Fae are weaker than is even possible under the later Equinox/2e rules, and then GF throws a dragon with 40 health...
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  • Bear in mind that Extra Successes says assuming your roll succeeds, ie you check for success (and exceptional success) before you add those successes. This is a specific permutation overriding the general rule about resolving permutations before determining your result.
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  • HelmsDerp
    replied to What if a fetch gets killed?
    I believe there was a bit in first edition about Fetch blood tasting hollow, giving reduced vitae and causing unpleasant dreams. Second edition doesn't say anything about it as far as I know.
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  • Additionally, Grappling rolls have a very specific exceptional effect, and it's quite powerful. That doesn't help answer what happens with other kinds of attacks, but exceptional at 3 is a huge boost to at least that subset of melee.
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