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  • Are you asking about Beasts in general or the Legion of Doom?
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  • 1: You read the rules right, extreme environment level 4 really is that bananas. There are a few things like that in this system (Poison, large fires) that will kill anything that isn't magically resistant or immune in as little as two turns. I use house rules on most of those things specifically to avoid that kind of game breaking potential.

    2: There are no mechanical moral consequences for Beasts, those questions are left to roleplay. If you like the Integrity system I don't think it would break anything to continue using it.

    3: The Horror is explained on page 99. It...
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  • Man these previews are so good. The question of "ok but what do you do" has been answered thoroughly. I'm a little bummed about certain manifestation variants that didn't survive the transition, but the new Haunts are way more thematically coherent and easy to remember.

    I saw this question asked but not answered previously: Is there intended to be something preventing a Sin Eater from unlocking a Haunt with a Key and using one of the bonus plasm points to ward off the Doom? I like the Dooms, they do a great job of balancing carrot and stick in a way that CoD games often...
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