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  • I think the intent is separate moves, since a lot of the moves wouldn't be helpful to use twice and the system makes a point of not allowing multiple attacks against the same opponent in one round except in extremely limited circumstances. If one move is a prerequisite for another I think you can do them both in one round on an exceptional, which is the biggest benefit....
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  • I think additional options to regenerate willpower will probably add more mechanically and thematically than just increasing the cap. Unless you're activating the virtue refill at the right critical moment or taking a lot of downtime between action scenes it's hard to stay full.

    Something like a bonus vice for resorting to physical combat to settle a dispute, and a bonus virtue for either expending all your willpower or going into wound penalties while refusing to back down from a superior opponent.
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  • HelmsDerp
    replied to Beast Storyteller's Guide
    Bit of a necro but I figured this was worth revisiting now that the Player's Guide is out. Having seen all the cool new options there, does anybody have new questions they want answered? Did it check off some of the items on your hypothetical wish list?

    For me, I'm still hungry for more information on the interaction between Hunger, Legend, and the Beast's choice of Lessons as it relates to building their Myth. The new content on the Incarnate path was great (the Inheritances were in general) but I would still love to see more words devoted to the question of how much a Myth is something...
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  • I think the best fit for this is a minor template, something along the lines of the various groups found in Hurt Locker. In fact, the Lost Boys would be a pretty good starting point; take the various physical enhancement merits (boosts to strength, stamina, general armor, jumping ability) and change the overclock function to be "spend willpower/ki points/something similar" to activate boost for a scene and you've got yourself a superhuman fighter.

    It's also worth looking at what a heavy exp invested fighter is really capable of and where they fall short, to make sure whatever...
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