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  • Tymeaus Jalynsfein
    replied to Help: Blood Vintners
    Sounds a lot like the Society of Gourmands that I use for My City of Arkham....

    Not sure where I got it from, but it has been a staple for years.

    The Society of Gourmands

    The Society of Gourmands, formed by Danica Lane in Arkham, is a group of kindred connoisseurs who have drawn together out of an appreciation for the delight of Vitae, not as a form of sustenance but as the only true pleasure left to them in their new existence. Members of the Society are akin to wine-tasters, they enjoy wine not for the sake of its pleasant alcoholic effects, but...
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  • I have to disagree with that sentiment... Werewolves in 1st Edition are pretty brutal... the upgrades they received in 2nd Edition make them absolutely bestial......
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