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  • Here's my entry ! A socialite lost in a martial school, determined to prove herself :

    Cathak Omari

    At five feet nothing, Omari is smaller than most of her classmates, and she will probably stay that way. Unfazed by such a detail, she takes great pride in her Aspect markings: she often adorns her bushy green hair with flowers which never seem to fade, and when not training, wears loose and colorful clothing designed to show the wood-like lines covering her tanned skin, and to let her move freely. Her eyes are the bright yellow of marigolds.
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  • LeTipex
    replied to TFW...
    One of us! One of us!

    I understand the idea of freting before you launch yourself in an Exalted Campaign, but I'm sure it's gonna be a blast for you and your players! Don't hesitate to pick our brains if you need to!
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  • [PEACH] The Medal of the Broken King, an artifact armor

    The Medal of the Broken King (Black Jade Medium Armor, Artifact •••)

    The Broken King is a figure of legend along the Dreaming Sea, an ancient trickster who travelled and drew chaos around him by turning local populations against the might of the Shogunate during its early years. Many believe that he was a Solar or a Lunar, but some believe him to be the ghost of a powerful lord or even a mortal sorcerer who used the powerful magics left to him by his solar master to wreak havoc and carve out his own kingdom out of the chaos. While little is known about his life and even less about...
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  • You are a monster and can I play with you please...
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