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  • Ah. Because there are a bunch of people on one of the discord servers for CofD that seem to think it's useless because it doesn't explicitly state it. Where does it say all exceptional successes, including attack rolls, give a positive condition? I think the only one I'm aware of that kind of thing might give is Inspired....
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  • So got a question about 2e and attack rolls.

    There are several things in 2e that mention that you get 3 instead of 5 for exceptional successes on attack rolls such as the Elemental Warrior fighting style and the Blood Pennon token, but as far as I'm aware nothing special happens on critting an attack roll except maybe getting something like Inspired, and that's at ST discretion, so what's the point? Is there something I'm not getting? If your ST doesn't feel like handing out beneficial conditions when you crit or letting you apply a tilt / condition to a foe, it's basically useless from what I can tell.
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