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  • Mage has two generally useful supernatural phenomena or concepts to apply, as well. The Sleeping Curse - the tendency to rationalize, forget, dismiss, ignore, and otherwise deny the supernatural. While I hate how it is mechanically implemented in Mage, as a background concept, it's basically load-bearing if you want to dress up the genre conceit of secret monsters with some plausible thaumobabble.

    There's also Pancryptia, the tendency of magic itself to conceal, to become occult. Assume it broadly applies to the supernatural rather than just supernal magic and it applies to the human...
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  • Oh, there's a fourth dial you can play with. I'll call it "Inertia." A lot of breaches to the Masquerade wouldn't necessarily result in widespread social change; they wouldn't actually matter all that much.

    Imagine if tomorrow Bigfoot turned out to be real. Straight-up, full stop, a near extinct race of near-human hominids in the northwestern United States. Do you stop going to work the next day? Does the country invade Iraq? Are new federal agencies spun up to manage the Bigfoot? Does the economy crash? How much actual impact does this have on day-to-day life; are there...
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  • The answer will vary by campaign to campaign and what sub-genres and tones you're going for, but there's three basic dials to play with: baseline supernatural population, drama frequency, and mortal response.

    The first dial, supernatural population, is based on how you scale the frequency of supernatural beings. Spirits are relatively numerous, but Spirits that can interact with the material world are rare. Hosts are rare. Werewolves are rare. What you define as "rare" will have a big impact on how this comes across in-game. My own personal baseline is much lower numbers...
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  • I'd love a Night Horrors book aimed at the core line's "mostly regular people investigating the supernatural" theme. Fill it with gruesome ghosts, goblins, and ghouls who don't fit into the social monster books....
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  • Professor Phobos
    replied to Commonality of Hallows
    Extremely rare, at least in the campaign that exists only in my head. Rare enough that cabals can form just to take/defend/share one.

    But I go with a lot lower population counts of supernatural beings generally than the norm....
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