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  • I wasn't trying to say there is no subtext or authorial intent, I was negatively reacting to character ideals or presentation of an idea automatically assigning those attributes and beliefs to an author. If there is a racist character in my game, even if he's an ally of the player characters, doesn't represent my rascist tendencies, even if I don't go out of my way to portray the character in a negative way. I'm probably just being lazy and assigning a noticible trait, even if it's a negative trait.
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  • Then what's the thrust of your point? If I run a game with an antagonist who espouses fascist ideals I'm secretly a fascist pushing a hidden agenda? Characters within fiction are not hidden messages of what the writer truly feels. Ever read a book with a serial killer character, do you think the author is a serial killer? I mean Stephen King aside, in Darly Dreaming Dexter Jeff Lindsay portrays the title character sympathetically, so he's pro serial killing vigilantes?

    Edit: this isn't support for Zak, nuWW or the Avery character, just a response to the bizarre rhetoric that all fiction...
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