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  • Kavagja
    started a topic New Gift (2E) Gift of [Blood/Life]

    New Gift (2E) Gift of [Blood/Life]

    This was written after 5 hours in the hospital after being woken at 2am, in a span of about an hour and a half. SO I apologize for the quality and the improper use of phrases I'm sure.
    Gift of [Life/Blood]
    Brother Where art Thou (Cunning)

    With this Facet the Uratha can find anyone important to her prey.
    Cost: 2 Essence
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Socialize + Cunning vs Composure + Primal Urge
    Action: Instant
    This Facet can only be used on a character with whom the Uratha has talked to in the current scene. The Alternate Identity Merit does penalize the...
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  • Kavagja
    replied to New Wolf Gift: Gift of Fangs
    Im concerned about how powerful Pelt of Thorns and Tear at the throat are.
    Pelt of thorns i think would work better if it were just the latter effect at a 1 or 2 essence cost possibly becoming a 0 cpst Basu-Im gift. Removing the armor part makes fortified form still useful as a merit.
    Tear at the Throat has unprecidented power as far as I can tell the only other way to deal agg with natural weapons is the Urfarah's Bane rite which only applys to werewolves. And even that costs 5 essence takes time and cuts the uratha from all pack ties for the duration.
    Scent of Blood is...
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