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  • That's an interpretation really aimed at making the bloodline all but useless. Besides with Internet & the forums it's not like having access to what constitute cold Iron in Changeling is hard to get.

    If you don't want to go into details, just say there weakness is to pure Iron which is really not that common nowadays.

    There is nothing in the initial post saying the Kiasy will teach any disciplines to the PC, that's kind of a stretch there. It's like saying having Sabbat packs involved in the story will lead to the PC learning Vicissitude & Obtenebration....
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  • Kendaan
    replied to Playing a Dragon
    I might have missed it, but nothing in Bygone Bestiary seem to indicate that Dragons (or any monsters) need to eat quintessence to survive. It would make sense in a Mage game/crossover, but the rules do not requires it (and it wouldn't make sense fro a chimerical Dragon though there would have other consequences to face)

    While the initial set of stats is not that great, te shapechange to human cost only 3 pt at character creation and nothing to shapechange after that.

    For a young inexperienced Dragon the system is not that bad. (I personally find the range of abilities...
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