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  • If I remember, 14th & 15th generation also have very few chance of success of being sired? That means very few 13th gen would actually try to sire.

    I also kinda remember something about that limit being for 12th generation trying to sire 13th in the Dark Ages, which would mean that in previous times the limit might have been higher, slowly decreasing as Gehena was getting closer / the blood was getting older / whatever compulsion from the 3rd gen was growing weaker (or any other explanation you might want)

    It's also important to remember that population was way lower...
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  • 1) As per written, you only need to use your dicepool when casting the power & extending the duration (which is not needed if you have 5+ success).
    While not specifically indicated most ST have seen would require full focus for any action more complicated than hovering / moving slowly.
    So you could normally take other actions (though see last point for the hold)

    2) The power is specifically meant for that at low level. However it is usually ruled that a line of sight is required
    Usual houserule for fine manipulation that requires a roll is to replace dexterity...
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  • It's not real until... the Changeling is calling upon the Wyrd or the Changing Breed is enchanted.

    Although I doubt those metal would be used anyway, when you could for example have a bblade made of solidified Moonlight
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  • To keep in line with the temptation / mystery theme:

    The childe was a disappointment and turned out to be thaumaturgically inept. As a result he was spurned by his sire who focused on the now prince, and left to do menial tasks.

    That's when he met a Baali who got attracted by the jealousy and anger of the neonate, and made a Baali apostate of him.

    The Baali/Tremere is now acting in the shadow to feed the feud between the regent and the Prince, underestimated by everyone as not able to use thaumaturgy,and undermining both the Prince & the Chantry for his...
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  • Necromancy path of haunting, lvl 1 reduced permanent willpower, and lvl 3 prevent recovery (amongst other things).

    Though probably more useful against kindred as it would take some time to get effective and the investment not really worth it for most mortals.
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  • Looking for IRL group in Dublin, Ireland

    Hello there,

    Having a hard time finding group playing anything else the DD around here, so trying my luck on the Forum!

    I'm mostly looking to play Classic World of Darkness, though Chronicle of Darkness/Scion/Exalted could be interesting too!

    Also thinking lately of ST myself, probably Changeling the Dreaming though Vampire the Masquerade possible too, if I can't find any ST.

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