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  • KageMCS
    replied to Softening Mummy
    The confusion about losing Cult might be because that's exactly what happens to the Deceived. They permanently lose any Cult or Tomb tying them to the living world, and can no longer be Called by anyone except Fate and the Sothic Turn. However they will arise at least each Sothic Turn until the end of time, and between each arising exist in communion with Fate itself.
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  • KageMCS
    replied to Homebrew Affinities
    Dark Eras: Ruins of Empire contains "Form of the Sybaritic Need," an Ab (*****) Affinity for all your Majesty (sic Enticement Sybaris) needs. I'll try spitballing some ideas for the others.

    The Ba one sounds a lot like Su-Menent's "Fated Soul" bonus Guild Affinity, or at least the last bullet point for it anyway. Hmm... the fearlessness aspect falls well within the write-up for the Ba Decree as well, at least that's my read. (Remind me again why "Dauntless Explorer" is Ka? The rundown for the Ba Decree reads like they all have this Affinity.) Anyway,...
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