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  • That is perhaps the first issue. What does the Garou Nation and the single tribes think it means being transgender? As far as I know, there is no official answer, so you can make up your own. Personally, I see the Garou as looking at stuff in black and white in a world that is mostly shades of grey. After all, they hope to defeat the Wyrm and don't even realise that they will shatter the balance of the triad even more by eliminating one of the three.

    If being transgender among Garou comes down to not accepting the gender they are born as, or change it, we have a parallel in the Rite...
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  • one thing I was not sure about...are we talking just spirits properly or would something like SH (Faerie) work? I'm thinking about the Fianna's relation with the Fae, for example.
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  • Nigredo
    replied to Advanced Character Creation
    seems to me like WtA advanced chargen is more troublesome than in other splats. Freebies look better than XP (as you can't buy backgrounds with XP) but then...Rites become a real problem. Buying that background at 5 with freebies still gives 5 lvls of Rites, which for a rank 2+ Theurge seems really underwhelming.
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