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  • Xanthias
    replied to Fanfiction
    Yeah, I probably should check those out for myself. Thanks.

    Meanwhile, while we're on the topic of Theoi scions...

    Seeds 2: Saurokhtonos

    The owner’s bland taste in music might not be the only reason for this particular bar’s lack of popularity, but it certainly was one of the main problems.

    Now, the place is far from spacious. Live music would have been too much to expect, and the acoustics leave a lot to be desired. Claire can appreciate that. But every time she visits the Lachesis, the recordings Bruno feeds to his sound system
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  • Xanthias
    replied to Fanfiction
    Thank you very much :-) The location... is semi-intentionally vague, because I like to keep my options open regarding the kind of place the characters will be wrecking. (And, of course, this is Scion, there is bound to be havoc sooner or later).
    I also admit to being slightly partial to the image of a "city that is just The City", which could exist in any number of locations. Some faceless place of concrete and glass, without history, only coming alive whenever the Otherworld touches it.

    A scion of Athena?
    Why *wouldn't* she be perfect? ;-)...
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  • Xanthias
    started a topic Fanfiction


    Do we need moar Scion fanfiction?
    I think we kinda need moar scion fanfiction.
    something something Visitation stories r fun, yeah, you know the drill.
    Let's see if this is not entirely atrocious, ok.?

    “Exhausting” didn’t even come close to describing the kind of day Rajeev was having.
    Worst of all – said day was still far from over, and Murphy ’s Law had a habit of working all too well for him. All. The. Time. Funny to observe from a distance, very much not so if one is on the receiving end of the pandemonium.

    Life, meanwhile,
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