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  • Thank you very much Magus for clearing Assamite part of question for me.
    Sometime is hard find all information from vast amount of books.

    But gangrel question still bugs me a little. In Guide to the Camarilla they mention only 6 Justiciar. Its Geoffrey Leigh only option for thous who play a chronicle in which gangrels have not left?
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  • Arkilijo
    started a topic Justiciar without Inner Circle

    Justiciar without Inner Circle

    if may I have a question for more knowledgeable fans of Vampire setting. It is possible to posses title of Camarilla Justicar if their clan do not have Inner Circle member?

    In V20 book Dread Names: Red List authors written names of new Justicar and there is Gangrel Justicar Geoffrey Leigh and possible Assamite Juticar Kasim Bayar although clan Gangrel leave camarilla and to my (limited) knowladge they do not have inner circle member representing their clan. So why they still have Justicar? On the onther hand if clan Assamite get their Justicar it mean they have also inner...
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