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  • Okay, so maybe this is on some level a conservative/liberal difference in readings? Because the "Captain Planet" thing was always the part I most sympathized with. It's impossible not to cherry-pick from canon, but over the years, a certain way of cherry-picking has become fan dogma.

    It's just that I haven't been able to enjoy the playstyles you mentioned when I'm expected to take all of the ridiculous sounding propaganda and superstition at face value for no good reason. "Spiritually sterile"? What does that even mean? Because all it sounds like is that there...
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  • See, I read Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and inferred all this wonderful irony and ambiguity, and noticed that the creation story was suspiciously simplistic, and that the Black Spiral Dancers' perspective is never given, and that their success doesn't make sense if they are as described.

    I assumed that like Vampire, this was a game about monsters, and I was supposed to take them with a grain of salt for that reason. I assumed that the appeal of playing rage-fueled religious fanatics was finding out what they were missing and how horribly wrong they were.

    And now I'm finally...
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