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  • The Motley goes exploring an Abandoned Sanatorium outside Santa Barbra. I am sure it will be quiet and nothing exciting will happen.

    Session CXXXIX

    Lorelei’s Diary

    That was terrifying… one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. I’m not sure if it was intrinsically more frightening than the Bulgarian facility, but due to… certain circumstances, that place had me far closer to the edge of terror than I’ve been since… well, since we went back to Arcadia, I guess.

    So following my last entry, the nine of us got dressed and packed...
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  • Once again, Stasia has stirred the shadows of the past. What has stirred with them.

    Session CXXXVIII

    Lorelei’s Diary

    Well that certainly escalated quickly. The last day has seen several developments on the “Santa Barbara ritual” front, and we’re currently getting ready to head there ourselves to take a look around and see what we can find out firsthand.

    So things started out well last night… the show was exceptional. On a lark, I decided to do something fun and asked Missy and Jane to join me on stage for a light-hearted rendition of Beyoncé’s...
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