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  • Okay. So a few things. The tl;dr is that right now I feel significantly better about things.

    1.) The character was a football player to make money. The player made it clear that he was never there just for the love of the game, it was a means to get himself and his mom out of poverty. As such, every iteration has had his character leaving the game basically with an "Okay, that's enough zeros. I'm good." He acknowledges that leaving at his prime means he probably offended a few devoted fans.

    2.) The business was vague, or maybe more accurately broad. ...
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  • How do I articulate to a player the concerns I've got with their character?

    Okay, so here's what we've got:
    A Forensic Investigator-turned-Dullahan (Scion of Mannannan Mac Lir)
    A Charter Pilot who is also an Incarnation of Loki
    An imposing FBI Agent who is also one of the Hundred Eyes of Argus given form and life again (Created by Hera)

    And then there's the last guy. The player was in the last Scion game I ran, nearly a decade ago in 1e. That character was an inner city poor kid who'd managed to get a football scholarship, who had intended, before his Visitation, to get hired on by a pro team, play until he had a solid nest egg, and then...
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