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  • Iirc there's also the benefit that as long as GSP's possess the charms of a given Primordial, then they cannot truly be destroyed: you could destroy the demon city (though how and the fallout of this are the domain of the ST), but as long as at least one Infernal Exalt possesses one Malfean charm then the king of the Yozis continues to exist in potential; if a Slayer were to take up his crown with all the Yozi apotheosis charms, then he might possess new souls but he would rule again. I don't remember if this shielded them from being reduced to Neverborn, but I could see the rationale and that...
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  • Mockery
    replied to Homosexuality in Exalted second edition
    Unless something has changed, the Realm still broadly considers sorcery to be unnerving and the sort of thing that's *useful* but generally held at a remove. The Precedent of Rawar *exists* but is a narrow and explicit exception to the stigma. Sorcery isn't a common skill--the Heptagram being by far the smallest school of all the secondaries--and the services of one can be costly in ways beyond mere talents of jade....
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