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  • Mockery
    replied to What do your Circles look like?
    Let me see:
    I ran one game early in 1e where there was no option BUT to go Single Patron, and a handful of con games like that.
    I ran a Free For All later with a Solar, a Lunar, and a Dragon-Blood.

    Odd Man Out: all Solars except for one truly horrible Day.
    Odd Man Out: All Solars except for one Lunar. (x3)
    Single Patron: Sidereal.
    Single Patron: Abyssal.
    Odd Man Out: All Solars except for the occasional Lunar.

    Single Patron: Solar. (x2)
    Free For All: I expect? None of us have Exalted yet and this game which...
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  • Mockery
    replied to Is Exalted the distant past of the WoD?
    Before Exalted was officially announced but just being teased, it was very much pitched as the prehistory of the WoD.

    Once it actually hit, the connections became fuzzier, though the assorted Exalted types were explicitly tied to or referenced the World of Darkness supernatural types. The 1e Storyteller's Companion was the closest we got to an official answer, which was "It might be. Or it might not. You might change it. Or it could be the future of the WoD. Or it might simply be its own thing."

    2e came along with its vague intimations that Creation was a secret,...
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  • Oh god this. First edition I think implied the relationship was abusive, but largely as a quasi-representative sample of why most of the First Age Lunars who survived to the present had mixed-at-best feelings towards their mates. 1e wavered between implying that this was because of the effects of the Great Curse and stating it outright. I remember clearly that one of the second round of books (A Day Dark as Night, I think, but I could remember wrongly) was where we first had Desus named as Lilith's First Age mate (though he'd been introduced as part of Oliphem's backstory), and all but put in...
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