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  • aslan751
    started a topic Moon Gifts

    Moon Gifts

    I've been going back through and rereading WtF 2nd ed and I stumbled on to something that is confusing me a bit. Moon gifts are tied to the Auspice, so it seems like each wolf only has 1 Moon Gift and gains a new facet as they increase the corresponding renown. However, this sentence, "A werewolf may discover other Moon Gifts that are associated with her auspice at a cost of
    5 Experiences" seems to indicate it is possible to learn other ones I wouldn't think you could learn another auspices' moon gifts this way, so is this just phrasing to set up for future gifts to be introduced...
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  • aslan751
    replied to Lost Wolf Boys
    I like this idea in overall concept. Since I'm planning on running a modded version of Bowery Dogs soon I may root this for the 70's into things like radiation therapy, hypnosis, and hallucinagens.
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  • aslan751
    started a topic Healing ritual

    Healing ritual

    Last night as I was looking through rituals and I can remember finding a thaumaturgical ritual that allows you to heal aggravated damage with some blood and mud. I'm having a lot of trouble finding it now however. Can anyone help me remember what that ritual is?
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