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  • Hello,

    You also missed the Gifts from Rage Across Appalachia (such as Stone Mask), but otherwise GOOD JOB!
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  • Lachdanan
    replied to Fera breeds and lifespan

    I have to assume, that because of the innate regenerative abilities the deafult lifespawn should be paralel to the Garou's.

    There are multiple Fera, who are able to lengthen their life:
    1) Ajaba: No specifics.
    2) Ananasi, if Ananasa is willing can, in Crawling form, with Burrowing Gift, burrow into a sleeping human's brain, eat it, change the brain into a spider-mass and hijack the body making them effectively immortal as long as they find a body to inhabit.
    3) Bastet can have Hedge Magic what (for example Alchemy) can make a beeing immortal/unaging....
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  • Than sorry, my bad. Hoever I really think the description "True Love between Garou (even if it is not acted upon) may be seen as near-enough to a breach of the Litany to cause scorn or even scandal if it is suspected by others, making it appropriate justification for a Dark Secret Flaw as well." clearly refers to THAT kind of love.

    Also the internet date was veeery confusing...

    (By the way, if you'd like to make your father get a date, don't try it on the net. Your father have Rage which will kill the romance as fast as they met. Except if she have higher WP,...
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  • [QUOTE=EG2594;n1258964]I've recently started my first Werewolf game, completely randomized and got a Get of Fenris, Homid, Philodox.

    Never understood why people make Characters randomized. Takes the edge of character creation.

    The ST should hit them with lot'sa Dishonor. By the way, you are the judge, punish them.
    Werewolf is not vampire. It's not about bickering (fighting, real fighting for dominance is an other question). If your pack can't work together, you are dead. Also it's a possible Lithany violation

    Werewolves are...
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  • Lachdanan
    replied to Uniting the Tribes?
    I don't think it's possible on the short run. All tribes have different tradition, worldview, heroes, "economy.
    They fight for Caerns, Kinfolks, territory. They are ruled by Elders, who were raised with a narrover, harsher worldview.

    All Garou are driven by instincts and Rage what can destroy the smoothest negotiation.

    Hell, we can't eve unite Europe...

    Additionaly, one of the Talons live in the Rage of the Garou, manipulating them against eachother. It's called Heartsplinter, and it's the most insidious (pun intended) threat of all.
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