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  • Lachdanan
    replied to Garou and xenophobia

    This escalated pretty quickly.

    About the co-existence: it should be mentioned, that high Humanity vampires doesn't reek from the Wyrm. Such Kindred must carve an existence where active harmful actions are avoided (or they loss their Humanity fast).
    Such individuals would not beep on the Garous' radar. They would be able to build connections & maybe alliances.Of course, most player wouldn’t play them. They are not very action friendly.

    But if a player plays the “Prince of the Night”, they can be f*cked.

    By the way, there...
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  • Hello,

    About joining the Ahadi:
    From the Dawning Ritual: "weave a link between the caern’s spirit and the general network of spirit-patrons of the Ahadi — the local spirit becomes a representative for the judgment of the spirit world as a whole."

    I don't think an inherent trait, "Don't have Wyrm-stink." would be able to fool the mass of the Ahadi's spirit patrons. But if one of the Mockery Breed behave as the spirits seems fit (hard, 'cause they don't have Gaia/Luna given place/task & there is no Packt between them) she would be able...
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  • Thank you. You gave me some stuff to read / watch. Unfortunately the teen dramas is a genre I've never loved.

    My friends usualy give me the templates. I had the fortune to live in multiple places and my pals from the different locations usualy don't know each other so I can borrow them.
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  • A barabbus perhaps. Tear of his head and burn the pieces to be sure....
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  • Request help with NPCs - A DNA Adventure/Prelude

    Hello All,

    I'd like to ask for your help: I'm currently devising an adventure, what I'd like to tell to a new group. They are totally new to WW (or WoD at large).

    My first problem was the prelude: I want them to start homid characters without any knowledge of the People, starting before the First Change. Later they would experience the world, gathering player-character experience/knowledge together. But the spontaneous gathering 5 would-be Garou, who experience the FC together is HIGHLY unrealistic.

    Than I'd have an idea:
    As an alternative...
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