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  • Lachdanan
    replied to Pack Membership
    Wave Sentai is nothing, but a bunch of (INSERT HERE) assembled to finish a task. They are not bound spiritualy, and not counts as a pack.

    (Pure) Humans are excluded from the Packs.

    Kinfolks are able to join temporary if they know the Gift Tagalong or with the Bonding Rite (Level One, Glass Walker - Dies Ultimae; Glass Walkers Revised, pg. 82)

    The Ahadi & Beast Courts have special "Rite of Totem" like Rites, which enables other Changers to join a packs. There are some "specialities". For example an Ananasi wouldn't receive the Totem's...
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  • I'm not biased against the Talons. I find them a difficult, but intresting RP/ST opportunity.

    Of course it's sh*tty when the whole concept of a murderhobo player is to eat humans, but it's the fault of the player and not the setting....
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  • I think you would exhaust the RP possibilities very fast.
    And you miss the goal of existence of Gruahls. Protection and nuiturung and not vengeance.

    But I think this was a joke, so never mind.
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