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  • I see no issue with using the correct names for the Netjer. I would presume that the same will be done for other Pantheon as well (especially the many First Nations ones). The familiar western name is given for each, so it's not hard to connect them. Use whatever you like in your own game, certainly, but I'm a fan of the correct names being used.

    Bast is the early lioness Goddess of Protection: Bastet would be the "Perfumed One" who was associated with festivals and beauty.

    And I'm happy with the new version of the Netjer.
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  • Purple Snit
    replied to Òrìshà Preview!
    Is it possible to appreciate a fictional rendition of a pantheon, designed for a role-playing game, set in an alternate world, without constantly dragging the discussion into arguments and debates on real-world nazism or racism? In a minute, it's going to be impossible to present anything without stepping on someone's toes. I thought the Gods as presented were playable, entertaining, and a decent representation of the Orisha. I'm now concerned that when the Manitou are previewed (or just included in the game when it comes out), there will be a huge chorus of complaints over how they are presented...
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