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    started a topic In-Game Plots Other Than Direct Violence

    In-Game Plots Other Than Direct Violence

    I'm running (against my best judgement) a BNS MET Vampire LARP. Much of the advice I've received involves having NPC's plot against or with the PCs against other PCs. What does a non-direct violent plot involve.

    Example, Giovanni want to take over the city. Other than them having hordes of Ghosts help them take over by violence, I'm not sure what else they could do? Other than Praxis, you can't really unseat a Prince - it's not as if there's a vote every 4 years. Even if you remove his or her resources dots, it wouldn't really affect anything.
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  • Thanks for all the great advice!

    Can anyone share with these examples or their own how they turn a plot seed into something that consumes a bunch of time at the table? If you're running a pre generated tabletop game they have a bunch of prewritten scenes that probably happen.
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  • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Here's some additional info:

    We have about 9 players consistently.

    Due to the small size of the group and the fact that they are all friends it's hard to get the people to do anything then play "the dark super-friends". That's fine with me and they're happy with that. However, because of this I'm essentially running a large tabletop - since people aren't scheming against each other.

    I'm sure I've violated WoD Canon repeatedly

    Setting wise, it's essentially mid Beckett's Jyhad Diary but before...
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  • Sell Me Your BNS MET Vampire LARP Plots

    I'm running a BNS MET Vampire LARP. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at coming up with plots (things with multiple steps / escalations / activities) and associated NPCs. I'm sure someone must have written this stuff for their own LARP. I would be willing to trade money in exchange for a good set of plots w/ NPCs.

    I've got no trouble finding seeds or whatever, I just can't turn them into things that actually consume much time or are very interesting. I'm very good at running and then improving off of pre-written campaigns and stuff like that. In retrospect, running a VtM LARP was a bad...
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