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  • Also can we use Fate Condensed for this? It's the new kid on the block and is very cool.
    Also what about Dresden Files Mantles? Those are good for things with powers.
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  • OMG this is what I keep asking Matthew Dawkins for. I was thinking either Fate or the new Cortex Prime or Questworlds!
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  • What Are Some Good Core Loops for Changeling 2e

    Having a "core loop" set of default activities can be helpful for less talented GMs like myself. What are some good core loops for Changeling?

    Demon = hide from god machine > subvert infrastructure to get arcane energy > attract attention of god machine > hide from god machine ..
    Werewolf = patrol territory for bad stuff > defeat bad stuff > patrol territory for bad stuff ...
    Promethean = do next step on path to becoming human > deal with outcomes > do next step ...
    Hunter = hear about monsters > deal with monsters...
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  • Perfect thanks
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  • Archivist
    started a topic God Machine Only (Mostly) Chronicle

    God Machine Only (Mostly) Chronicle

    The God Machine is one of my favorite horror setting ideas. Since the original core book came out, many splats have their own mythologies separate from the God Machine (e.g., Mage Supernal Realms).

    I'm thinking of running a chronicle or two where the God Machine is the default mythology. Other splat's mythologies aren't wholly true. Mages? They're actually aware enough about the machine's programming rules to tinker with it. Vampires, rogue remnants of a prior now shut down reality from Eastern Europe.

    Has anyone ever though of or done anything like this?
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