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  • Yes. Healing a patient using some sort of special organ adaptation, cleaning any genetic flaw, etc is Life 4, as stated in M20. Removing small genetic flaws is Life 3 if we believe Progenitors revised (basically, an inversion of the Destructive Genegineering procedure).

    My idea is, to create externally a rather generic organ, compatible with the patient, and then transplant it using mundane medicine (with anti-rejection drugs and immunosupressants). Of course, such effect might even be temporary, but that's part of the idea (insert evil laughter).
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  • Daraexus
    started a topic Human organs creation using Life sphere

    Human organs creation using Life sphere

    I'm trying to develop a concept of a low-power enlightened doctor that somehow synthetizes artificial human organs for transplant. Using M20 corebook and HDYDT books, I know that with Life 4 it is possible to create such organ and implant it into the patient, using the medical equipment and the surgery as a focus.

    But, If said character were to do something simpler, like, say, transform raw meat into a temporarily transplantable organ, and perfoming the surgery by mundane means, which spheres should he use? My best guess is matter 2 (for the raw meat) to life 3 (medium complexity...
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