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  • Doing things to bring down the brand, put the clan at risk, not living up to your potential as a clan member (getting caught doing something big and stupid, of course it may only be seen as stupid because they got caught). For sure, the court of blood isn’t going to be concerned about the morality of this situation....
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  • As for maps, there's this map I found for Act I of book 1, which may be the one that Kharnov was talking about. I saved it for reference, but I didn't actually use it.
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  • The site that Kharnov is what I've been using as a resources for my Dark Ages V5 game, which I've been running for about 1.5 years, with 37 sessions in so far. The game I'm running isn't exactly Transylvania Chronicles, as I've done drastic rewrites of what we've played through so far, which is only the first Act in book 1 (we've also done Fountains of Bright Crimson and Bitter Crusade, also with drastic rewrites, along with a few stories I created from scratch, totaling in all to about 400+ pages of stuff I've written or rewritten).

    Transylvania Chronicles is riddled with a lot of...
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  • Looking for advice on running a Lasombra Court of Blood

    So I'm prepping to run a Lasombra Court of Blood for one of the PCs in the Dark Ages game I'm running. Using evidence they've gathered, along with witnesses that have agreed to speak before the court, the PC is going to charge Narses (Prince of Venice) with spearheading a plot to bring down Michael and the Cainites of Constantinople.

    I believe the basic accusation the PC plans to make is that Narses pursued a personal vendetta with Michael and the other Cainites of Constantinople, setting in motion a series of events that led to the Latin Riots of 1185, which resulted in the death...
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  • I also made a few sample vehicles (armored limo, tank, and a jet fighter) using the recommended Aeon’s wealth +1 tags.

    Novastolo Armored Limo


    Armor: 3 (3 points of Soft and Hard Armor)

    Anti-theft: 1 (to steal or operate without proper bio-signatures or access is a +2 Complication)

    Massive: 1 (+1 Size and Durability Scales, and +1 Condition box)

    Sluggish: -1

    Wheeled: 0

    Total: 4

    Wealth Cost: 3


    Durability Scale: 2 (+1 Soft Armor)

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  • A new negative power tag my group is trying out.

    Reckless Power/Ruinous (-1 to -3)
    Each application of this tag increases the amount added to the collateral pool by one every time this power is used.
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