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  • Ferros, Lord of Iron, hates the fair folk because in the Early Days he was created to hate the fair folk, to be anathema to them with his very Essence as a bulwark against them by the Primordials.

    Ferrum, the Steel Father, however, came into being much later, and considers himself a deity of construction and war, and while he doesn't love the Fair Folk, also does not have the burning essence inside himself to destroy them as part of his nature.

    I feel that might be a bit more in theme for an Exalted explanation than "real world science says my fantasy world is s...
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  • I see CK With DBs, I see Character Action With Solars.

    Why not Character Action or RPG With DBs?

    Does anyone NOT think a final boss being a mad Anathema monster trying to take over the world would be awesome...?
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