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  • I've been involved in a long-running private Mage game online for about a decade now, and our setting was Manhattan. Not "NY By Night" Manhattan, but our own version, that's now seen ten years of intense history. As such, every Mage game I've run since has been set somewhere in that time period, because... well, frankly, we have too much material built up to NOT use!

    To give a bit of detail, it is a Manhattan where a Nephandic madman nearly unleashed a full on demon duke on Central Park, eradicating the local werewolf population in the meantime. Including the Dancers,...
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  • Damien's story started as a seduction of a young Mage (One of the core PCs of the primary story) onto the dark path. He was not, in fact, the primary antagonist of the story. He was, if anything, a minor side antagonist, at first, who did in fact work to thwart the primary antagonist verrrrrrrrrry quietly and carefully. Said primary antagonist was another Nephandi, one of the crazy ones that even is so far gone he's gone for demonic Investments and at the time was trying to bring literal Hell to Central Park.

    Damien was not at all instrumental in his downfall. But Damien was moderately...
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  • My long-running Nephandus from many of my Mage games is named Damien Mallory Blake. Damien is a twisted individual, of course, like all Nephandi, but he maintains a respectable veneer of charisma and philanthropy. He has a long-ranging network of contacts and influence that would make some vampires jealous, and he defends his influence with a combination of blackmail, threats, and if necessary, paid-for violence from people who may or may not live to see their paycheck depending on how useful they are.

    But you ask what he wants. Well, it's quite simple, really.

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  • Alucard, I think it's pretty clear that the very premise of the thread implies "What if the Exaltation was in fact a character" along with the "and you're playing that character" part. I understand you have a tendency to be pedantic, but jeez, man, jeez. Arguing for the sake of arguing, y'know?

    Anyway, Typo, I'd say that while I'm sure there are players who could do a great deal with the idea, I admit that I'm not one of them. I don't think, at least for me, it'd differ enough from the actual game itself to be distinct and interesting. But I admit that's...
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  • Krata Lightblade
    replied to Forbidden, rogue, and "lost" Gods.
    Deima, the Mistress of Truth in Lies

    First, the Canticle of the Lie:

    There are no tales of the Mistress, even in the oldest libraries of Heaven, no stories or scrolls detailing her existence. Even at the height of the First Age, when benevolent god kings ruled with justice and wisdom, no word of her being was spoken aloud, for fear of giving rise once more to the secret whispers that set men's souls against themselves.

    And yet, scraps remain, and if one is truly dedicated, exceedingly canny, and indrescribably foolish, a heroic quest might be undertaken
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