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  • Thanks a lot for these answers, they are very helpful to understand the goals and boundaries of the Slarecian Vault

    I have a small question (more of a request actually) for the templates. I have looked at the one that are available for Canis Minor, and it seems they are all Photoshop templates. I am going to use different tools however (I don't have Photoshop, and I don't plan to get it), so do you think it would be possible to include in these template a PDF version of an example, so that we can produce something that looks like it without having to rely on Photoshop?
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  • Yihaa! Thanks a lot for this FAQ and getting the Slarecian Vault started I have plenty of (silly?) questions ^^

    - Do we need to include a copy of the OGL in the document?

    - Still related to licensing, the use of OGL seems to imply that we can publish for either/both 5E and Pathfinder. Can we publish for other OGL-based games? (such as D&D 3.5 for example, or the upcoming Pathfinder 2nd edition when it will be launched, assuming it is still based on the OGL)

    - Can we convert old Scarred Lands OGL material (prestige classes, monsters, spells, magic items,...
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  • Here is the response from RichT in the Kickstarter comments

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