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  • haaz
    replied to Lesser Known Gods Domains (5e)
    Re-reading Elamash entry in Strange Lands, maybe Dominion could fit?

    As to whether they are lesser titans and demi-gods, here is my (very personal) take on how to reconciliate the views of both the old and the new edition: lesser titans are technically divine beings (aka, all children of the titans are deities), but a) they didn't manage to create a cult following them and/or b) they sided with the titans during the Divine War. So the other gods told everyone that these creatures were "lesser titans" (aka not gods) so that they could be identified as enemies and killed/destroyed...
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  • haaz
    replied to Lesser Known Gods Domains (5e)
    Very interesting question ^^ Here are some gut-feeling possibilities, without having given it too much thoughts

    Ashumas -> Knowledge
    D'Shahn -> Justice
    Elamash -> War? [maybe Trickery or Nature? difficult to say, really]
    The Flayed God -> Death
    Gamgal -> Justice [alternatively, Grave domain from Xanathar would be adequate]
    Immatuk -> Knowledge [or Magic ?]
    Kadeshu -> Freedom
    Otossal -> Death
    Sarhari -> Life [maybe Nature ?]
    Subastas -> Light
    Tamul -> Knowledge
    Tukulto -> Nature...
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