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  • Thanks for the clarification and quick reply, I still think that weapons in the core are still pricey, but your explanation make sense, I really hope that equipment in Aberrant will be expanded in a future technology sourcebook. Speaking of that iirc something about that and about cybernetic implants was mentioned is some podcast. I think an expanded view on the tech of the Aberrant era (and the social changes it will entails) would be awesome.
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  • Starkiller
    started a topic Trinity core weapon cost question

    Trinity core weapon cost question

    Just re-reading the weapon creation rules for creating some cool core tech weapon for aberrant and I found that for each dot of wealth you can add a tag to a weapon, so according to this rule an assault rifle would cost five dots, the same as a jet aircraft in the core book, so I looked at the gear section in the Aeon book and found that weapons cost fluctuate from one to tree dots even if they have many more tags, so what rules I follow? I missed something reading the weapon chapter in the core book?
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