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  • 2.4 A shocking turn of events

    Well, that took some time. As I mentioned, the past months were busy and I didn’t really have the energy to spend typing everything out. But for those interested, I’m back and plan to recap this story to its conclusion. This is the last recap in this style but more on that later.

    With the Ministry off and away Callisto the team make their way to the Rokkit Rabbit Coffee shop, a franchise based on a popular VR game series that Jodie and Nero used to play. These places used to be popular but that was some years ago. They enter the colorful shop and...
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  • LazyGM
    replied to Story Telling Help
    Out of context it does sound like a weird quote. Why wouldn't they be able to explore a restaurant? But generally you should follow the players actions logically and apply consequences to those action.
    "I want to enter the restaurant"
    "It's closed."
    "So? I break in!"
    "Roll the dice. You succeed, bypassing the security system. The restaurant is dark and empty."
    "What do I need to roll to explore it?"
    "You don't need to roll, there's nothing here."
    "But why?!"
    "As I said,...
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  • Thanks! Sadly the game is on hiatus atm.

    Lost a bit of energy after having been stressed out by work, my vacation started and we were moving into our new home, having bought our first house.

    We kept playing, only took a week off, and our group even managed to meet in person over summer. But I needed a break from sitting at the computer and writing, I’m a teacher and because of the pandemic my home computer became my office space.

    I still have the notes to give a general ending of the first "season"....
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  • First off, thank you.

    It took a little while to re-wire the mind for Storypath (we've been playing V5 for the past two months) but I have something of a blow by blow.

    So, here’s the breakdown of the fight. Note that the player’s aren’t combat specialists, so baseline dice pools are around 4-5 dice, but both Antonin and Lucio have psi powers that can buff Attributes up and all of them have at least +3 enhancement on their weapons in addition to tags that help out.

    Also, I couldn’t find how and when Momentum was spent but the player’s had gotten
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    This is the showdown between 5 psions and an aberrant with a couple of sub-aberrant minions.

    I’ll have to check my notes and reference the rules again if you want a detailed blow-by-blow analysis....
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  • Without looking up the rules if there are appropriate aberrations, I figure there are those with social/mental penalties that could be re-skinned for a temporal nova that becomes confused by remembering things from parallel timelines. Or like Dr. Manhattan, having trouble relating to those of us that perceive time linearly.
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  • Ran 15-sessions of Æon Trinity, with combat every other session. Our impression was that it had a "John Wick"-feel, made every combat more unique than roll to hit, roll to damage, rinse and repeat.

    None of the characters were combat specialists, but they had access to advanced weapons and armor so they could go toe to toe with dangerous opponents. Without the enhancements they wouldn't have been nearly as effective as their enemies always had higher dice pools and/or Tier advantage (not counting the mooks).

    The "pin down" stunt led to a tactical...
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