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  • Well yeah, Catiffs are the punching bag of the Vampire society but if noone knows, they are not treated any differently than anybody else. But in an environment such as the Giovannis it's unlikely that anybody will find out if you take the necessary precautions. The sire, the most likely person to noticed these oddities, is probably hell bend to keep it a secret.
    Same goes for a lot of clans too, if they have a dense network and are highly social they are most likely to keep it on the downlow. And without Path of Blood it is almost entirely impossible to find out that the vampire in question...
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  • I think nothing would happen as long as it's not painfully obvious that there is something wrong with the new vampire. I mean come on he might not have Necromancy as starting discipline but learning it is just a little bit harder, crunch-wise. Fluff-wise there are plenty reasons why it takes a little bit longer than your Joey Goivanni.
    Having a special set of disciplines may even be of help when trying to advance through the ranks. Maybe everyone is looking out for ghost and specters into the crypts where you have your secret meetings but ignoring the rodents.
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  • Will it be available for non-backers before Christmas? I weren't able to back it at the time but it would be a nice present for myself.
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  • 99) Jonathan von Eisenberg

    Born in to a medium sized noble Prussian family way past its prime. You studied your families history and it had the perfect opportunity to become a major house in Prussian when they gained the rights to an iron mine some 220 years ago. But since then? No minor skirmishes, no duels out of honour, no ambitious marriages... Nothing just content and hated it.
    Even if you only were the 3rd born son and youngest child, this would not be your fortune. No you aimed higher.
    You found your passion in battle and commanding your troops...
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  • Meldok
    replied to Using a Kiasyd in a Chronicle
    I try my best to explain but English is not my 1st language, so somethings might be lost in translation.

    Cold Iron is not nearly as undefined as you think. It's a common fantasy troupe and a weakness assigned to fairies and other folks.
    It is a way of forging the iron under a certain temperature (between 35-40% of the melting point). So the iron is not cold in a literal sense but more as a figure of speech. This type of forging gIves the iron a greater durability but it's harder to make and quite uncommon in modern days. Mostly used in kitchenwares....
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