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  • Speak of the devil and he will appear. When I was last with the project, I was tasked with trying to find how the philosophies in terms of what the direction the game was going (and namely how Dragons obtain Breath). A series of life events happened and the project fell off the radar until someone tried to get ahold of me.

    Now seeing that original goal through (As late as it is), I present a system that ties innately with Beats and Aspirations that in turn ties nicely with theme of building one's Legend as well as a way to obtain Breath (if it isn't the main way to do so) with a few...
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  • That was my first thought when dealing with stated ability. Problem is that it runs into two issues.

    The first is theme.

    The Immutable as a archetype gather power from power of their bonds and the truth of their lives. While other archetypes play with the idea of truth to power, The Immutable is the one that hammers home the ideal of it the most. They embody concepts (and more importantly, meaning) that can be socially distorted, circumvented, covered, and even suspended for a time but like gravity, will continue to exist, undamaged and unmoved. When the universe comes...
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  • Shock
    replied to Leviathan: The Cult Chronicles
    There always is. And as always, the hearts eventually make their way back for another story to tell. Another Legend to make....
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  • So gathered my thoughts and retooled a skeleton framework on turning the philosophies into "motivational" archetypes.

    The four that I have worked on are Sweat, Ash, Bone, and Blood. They exist as the follow:

    Sweat - Now known as the Unconquered. They have the short term goals known as Breakthroughs with their long term goal called the Magnum Opus.

    Bone - Now known as Avatars. They have the short term goals known as Revelations with their long term goal called The Trial.

    Ash - Now known as the Catalysts. They have two categories of short...
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  • I am alive.

    Just had to deal with two suicides (one distant, one semi-close) on the same side of the family along with a unplanned move over to a new place.

    So things have been a bit... rattled over the last few months. I apologize if I have fallen off the radar....
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