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  • Nope, I wouldn't say so. There's some indication that some of the metaphysics that the Spheres - which are ultimately a Hermetic codification of how 'complex' a given 'spell' is, frogmarched into place by the Traditions Council so people with wildly different and incompatible understandings of reality can communicate without murdering each other (much) - are not necessarily constant over time. How big high-end Forces effects are in the Renaissance versus modern times, how 'permissive' time is, etc. The invention of bacteria and other microbes most likely transformed how easy it was to do Life...
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  • If they had Do beforehand, they probably should still be able to use it as a Technocrat. It can be taught outside the Tradition to allies, and even Sleepers can even independently discover it; so I don't personally see any hard reason that they couldn't keep the Do they already have. The real reason it's not available outside the Akashayana seems to be that they're extremely cagey and possessive of it, much like the Tremere are with Thaumaturgy. Increasing it would be another matter, since they're tremendously unlikely to find anyone to teach them; advancing would require recreating deeper understanding...
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