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  • Some of these might qualify as Stunts, such as parry, strike and stab with arrows.
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  • Mages might not take much interest in sudden accumulations of wealth but the IRS does and the last thing a Mage wants is to be the subject of an insider trading or fraud investigation, so be subtle.
    ​As far as Mages though, the only one I could see taking an interest in your Bitcoin deal is the Arch-Mage who created the thing in an attempt to create a new symbol for currency that will fuel his Ascension. Screw that up for him and you will definitely be receiving a visit you won't soon forget (or you will, along with everything else).

    ​If you want an example of how the Seers...
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  • The basic difference between a Sleeper and a Sleepwalker is that the Sleeper has a piece of the Abyss in their soul, the Sleepwalker doesn't.
    ​A Sleeper may not recognize the difference between just plain old supernatural and the Supernal but the Abyss does, it recognizes Supernal magic when it sees it and reacts regardless of the beliefs of the Sleeper.
    ​That Abyssal shard is, however, dependent upon the senses of the Sleeper so if the Sleeper's senses don't see the Supernal at work neither does the Abyss and therefore there is no Dissonance.
    ​This means that if the Sleeper...
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  • I recommend creating a second encounter group, just in case.
    ​This group would be a team of Occult thieves who are unrelated to the Vampires, instead interested in stealing relics from the Merchant's warehouse, possibly the contested scroll or just whatever happens to be lying around. They would also have more information on the supernatural then is healthy for your characters.
    ​If your heroes find your first group too hard then the thieves could jump in, creating enough confusion for your heroes to at least escape.
    ​If instead the first group is too easy then the thieves...
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  • I would still include the Arkham Asylum, not as a place for heroes to imprison the bad guys (who would then escape later), but as the place were Vampire society has long sent their out of control Malkavians.
    ​You could use it as a stronghold of the Scare Crow, perhaps he was once a resident (who of course, escaped) but it still has a place in his plans or just contains secrets from his past.
    ​You could even make a human possessed by another Strix the warden, there are more than one of them and they kill each other with the same gusto as they do Vampires.

    ​I would...
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