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  • Start with an event that they would all attend for independent reasons.
    For example a new park/zoo/facility of some sort is holding its grand opening and for what ever reason it is getting a lot of attention both good and bad.
    Wilde is there either because he wants to take pictures or as a keeper of nature preserves he finds the whole thing offensive and is protesting.
    Steve is there because there will be a lot of attention and cameras, all of the things he loves.
    The speedster could be there for similar reasons, depending on what you mean by 'living billboard'.
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  • First off people are only interested in you once you prove interesting, anonymity is your first line of defense. Cameras can record every second of your life, government databases can immortalize every thing you do, say or think but they are doing the same to thousands of other people who aren't you. Until someone has a reason to search you out you are just a needle in a needle stack and they can't see the trees for the forest, you can wave and smile at the CCTV cameras and it won't harm you. Remember even facial recognition requires someone to program the system to look for and recognize your...
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  • Decide which of the Arcana the Verge is aligned to and then add an appropriate effect, you can look to the spell examples for ideas.
    For example in a Forces aligned Verge electrical devices work without batteries and lights won't turn off, water flows up hill or static electricity goes one step beyond.
    In a Death aligned Verge ghosts can manifest as if the appropriate resonant condition is there, perhaps even against their will (also works for Spirit).
    For Fate coins always land on heads, Time experiences Deja Vu and if close to the center time even seems to jitter and rewind....
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