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  • 2ptTakrill
    replied to Shadow Names and Intent
    The significance of a sympathetic name is its connection to the Supernal, not the caster. When you attempt to cast using a sympathetic connection you reach out, figuratively speaking, into the Supernal using whatever possible link you have. If this link is only a shadow name or even just a vague description that is what you use and it won't be worth much, but if you are using their sympathetic name, even if you think it is a shadow name, the effect is the same the Supernal recognizes its symbolic significance and the link is stronger.
    ​Of course if all you have is a name and no real...
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  • 2ptTakrill
    replied to Sample Mysteries
    Here is my background Mystery for my west coast (mostly the Bay area and northern California) setting. In this region I have the Gauntlet as being really thin, about a three at the most, with Verges being almost everywhere. I call them Jasper Ruins.
    ​Jasper was a gold prospector who came to the Bay area back during the gold rush. He was universally regarded as not being the sharpest tool in the shed but mostly harmless, scrounging up just enough gold dust panning to keep him chasing that big score.
    ​People used to just smile and then laugh at him behind his back, at least until...
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  • 2ptTakrill
    replied to Oh, It's just a Yantra
    I had a thought, back in first edition before talk of Yantras became public, of allowing a Mage to use the Occult skill to create a pentagram (like a summoning circle) that would allow them to stack additional tools to ward off Paradox (a cup on one point, mirror on another and coin on a third etc...) in a ritual casting. This would boost the value of a secure sanctum as a properly drawn and kept circle could be used over and over again. It would also add to the value of a mentor or more advanced Mage as they could loan out their circles to lesser Mages to use. If desired the ST could require...
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