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  • 2ptTakrill
    started a topic Mystery with a capital "D"

    Mystery with a capital "D"

    That's "D" for Disruption.

    It is a commonly held theory among the Awakened that there have in fact been more than one first Awakened city (Atlantis) but that each was ret conned out of existence with only the bits and pieces that slipped through the cracks left to testify to that city's existence.
    Now the Awakened community has discovered evidence that one of those cities was successful in slipping more than just bits and pieces past the Exarchs, up to and including survivors sealed away in Time. Now one of those survivors has been freed. On the surface this would...
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  • My take, natural gas alone doesn't work, it doesn't do anything that would require the presence of an Angel to mitigate. Instead mix something new in with the natural gas, some new and potentially very harmful gas that is unknown to modern science. It has been building up all of these years until it is now a threat worthy of an Angel's presence.
    In fact the only mortal that even knows about it is the local high school chemistry teacher who has made a bit of a laughing stock among the locals with crackpot theories. He/she was actually the first to disappear only no one knows because they...
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