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  • Octavo
    replied to New Night Horrors Book coming!
    Mage is about how true spiritual enlightenment may yield real insights about the self and the world, but doesn't necessarily have a positive effect on one's morality.
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  • Octavo
    started a topic Modeling the Strigoi from the Strain

    Modeling the Strigoi from the Strain

    Clan Ozryel - The Strigoi
    The Ones Who Infect You


    The hyper infectious strain of blood drinkers commonly known the Strigoi originates in prehistory with Seven Ancients - vampire methuselahs whose blood potency only increases with age and torpor, and who remain in constant mental contact with their progeny. These vampires are not Kindred with the five more well known clans and have several noteworthy differences.
    • The strigoi are not corpses, but living bodies who have been radically structurally transformed by contact with blood worms (usually by a feeding
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  • Octavo
    replied to Strix and Synthesis
    One of the players in the game I'm in is a vampire created by Strix Synthesis. She isn't wholly aware she's a Strix yet.
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