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  • Hrm. Sometimes it takes sending stuff out into the world to realize that something you thought was clear and obvious is not. Yes, you begin the game with 1 dot in each of the three Paths you choose....
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  • impernious
    replied to Scale question.
    So, it appears to me that a lot of this confusion is coming from the fact that Tier and Scale are not the same thing. Tier is a term used strictly to describe a character's out of game qualities, it's base Difficulty, max Attributes, and a few other things. Scale is a narrative term that describes how different two things are from one another. So yes, a character of a higher Tier may have access to things that make their Scale higher than a normal person, but even a Tier 2 Psion does not necessarily have a physical or mental advantage over a Tier 1 human, not unless they have an Edge or Psi power...
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