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  • Okay, so I think the disconnect here is that when we're talking about Dramatic vs. Narrative Scale we aren't just talking about "which will give me more successes on this roll and therefore that's the one I'm going to use". Yes Dramatic Scale may certainly give more successes in the case of a rolled 1 compared to Narrative Scale, but they are never being compared that way.

    If a situation requires a roll to determine the total outcome, then you're going to be using Dramatic Scale, i.e. failure is meaningful and the roll matters in some kind of competitive way, so combat or...
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  • Hey there! I know that people are wondering if we are still responding to this thread, and I'll echo Bunyip here. We are to a certain degree, but a lot of the questions are about Aberrant and things in Aberrant that are being fixed/changing after playtesting feedback etc. has come in.

    That isn't to say that we don't value your questions. I will say I kind of stopped answering Scale questions because I'm trying to devise a way to explain it as best as possible (in the Aberrant book) and I don't want to piecemeal answers to you.

    I'll answer the few non-Scale mechanical...
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