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  • Bluecho
    replied to Lore about San Antonio?
    Although since both El Paso and Mexico are only a couple hundred miles away, I imagine San Antonio gets a great deal of trouble from the Sabbat. It's not exactly close enough that Sabbat packs can drive to and from San Antonio in a single night. [EDIT: And obviously, when it comes to Mexico, there's also the border crossing to consider. Though for the Sabbat, this seems like almost a trivial obstacle.] They'd still need to acquire shelter. But it's close enough that many packs may not consider it a big deal to make the trip multiple times a year.

    So Camarilla-Sabbat conflicts probably...
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  • Bluecho
    replied to How to: Spider Climb
    Forces 2 not only allows for the negation of forces, but redirection. Ergo, walking on walls could be as simple as changing which direction gravity pulls the Mage. Making it so that "down" is always beneath the Mage's feet.

    While we're on the subject of Forces, Forces 2/3 could strengthen the power of surface tension. So if your hands and feet, and/or the climbing surface, are wet, they stick together. (I can't tell you how many times the coaster on my desk has been picked up by my cup, due to condensation, before popping off and clackering all over my desk.)

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