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  • Thanks, man. That helped alot
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  • Mrmdubois I'm asking because I'm not sure how do keep consistent with the rules and how to present him without alerting my players too much. But you are right, it was too generic a question. Let me break it down to more specific ones. These are the main questions that concern me at the moment

    a) I remember reading that Mages can't summon Entities from different paths. Since his "Sane" Personality summons Moirae could his "Mad" Personality summon (Seer-related) Cherubim?
    b) Can Tulpas manifest as phenomena or is the mage compelled to cast them by spending...
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  • [2E] [NPC] Guardian/Seer double Agent Mentor

    Hi, guys. I am about to start a new chronicle and want to set the plot-twist from the start. Thus I need help fleshing out the main NPC. Point is I don't know if I'm crunching the mechanics the right way. Anyway, here is the basic seed.

    -Meet a retired Guardian Acanthus, now a Master of Fate, who long ago infiltrated a Seers of the Throne pylon by building a Seer Persona through his Mask.
    -In fact he was so good at it, that he became a Prelate.
    -But the things they made him do, drove him nuts and he became one of the Mad with obsession to constantly seek the Exarch's...
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