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  • Also, each god is not just his portfolio. What's the difference between Apollo, Helios and Ra? All deities are associated with Sun, two of them are even from the same pantheon. My point is that it is important not only a defined Player concept but also the knowledge of a Deity's mythos for the Shadowname to have proper depth/symbolism.

    More on the matter, what happens when two Shadownames are linked? What happens between Apollo and Ra? Between Hercules and Hera?
    On my games, inspired by years of Dungeons and Dragons, when similar Universal Aspects exist at once (like two Gods...
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  • [Thought Exercise] Inspirational music to Short Stories/Plotlines

    Now, I have seen some post about inspirational music like This Topic and always wanted to use them to create a comprehensive narrative for my chronicle by finding different interpretations. Music can be interpreted in many ways without context (sites like this help) and I was always curious about your perspective. Imagine it as a storytelling thought exercise; if the previous topics where about raw inspirational materials, this post is about refining them into short-stories/plotlines for a chronicle (as specific or abstract as you please).

    Here is my take:

    Delerium -...
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  • What would it mean that something (item, place, creature) has NO resonance? What would be the implication percieved by mortals and supernaturals?
    Do interactions in the Astral Temenos have similar implications with alterations of Reasonance? How do they corelate if at all?...
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  • Shadowjim12
    replied to MtAw: Mage Assassins
    "Souls devoteed into Killing" is never unnecessary when the act can make you insane and a Legacy Attainment can solve this. Also, being a Pentacle mage does not make you saint. A vengeful Pentacle mage that lost family members would join such a Legacy out of spite. I think there are enough reasons to become Obsessed with murder in a World of Darkness even without including insane lunatics.

    Generic Assassin Legacy Mechanics (thus far)
    Order: Mostly Banishers, Nameless. Seers and Left-handed. but prized informaly even by Pentalce Consilia under situations were murder...
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