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  • Shadowjim12
    replied to yantra complexity
    I would argue that "symbolism" provides greater supernal framework than "effort" and "complexity". However, this can be a basis for a great legacy. I can see both Mysterium and Guardians of the Veil fueling their spells with compexity.

    Otherwise, it can be a merit. I think it souldnt overshadow all the other yantras, especialy stuff like soul sacrifice and verges. Thus, additional high dot yantras would be mandatory. Something like:

    Imago Perfectionism (merit, 3 dots)
    Requirements: Prime 1, High Speech
    You are able to enchance...
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  • The Flexible Reach, as the name implies, seems to increase the User's versatility (instead of power). For example, the caster can alter the spell's factor from a number of subjects to Area or alter some Spell Reach for spells like "Shared Fate" so that the caster can use whichever version of the spell they want.

    Disclaimer: I am a month's paycheck before getting the book myself.
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  • Conceptual relationship, is it Sympahty? If not what can it be?

    Reading through the Question thread I fall upon the following:

    To which the answer was

    I thought that since Sympathy can connect stuff through Conceptual Relationship (lines/threads connecting them through Space), it might be able to connect them through Mind (lines/threads connecting things through memories, then through Oneiros, then through the various layers of the Astral). I can accept that since, say, Abraham Lincoln has/had a different version in life, as ghost, my memory, my Oneiros and the "idea of Lincoln" in the Temenos, it must...
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  • Yelesom I would argue the existance of a strong connection with the creator of the memory and a number of "fainter" secondary to otjer things (entities, places, moments, concepts) that the memory evokes.

    If Joe has a memory of his ex, Anna, then the memory would be connected primarily to Joe (he created the memory) and with a lesser degree to Anna (it is not her memory, but she was instrumental and present in the memory's creation)

    On the other hand, memories of Joe with things that were not instrumental in the memory's creation will have only Joe as a sympathetic...
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  • Are they physically materialized? Like do mundane sleeper machines like MRI-scan detect them?

    Also under the mage sight of which Arcana would that be observable? I mean treating it as a mystery. I guess:
    Any (peripheral) mage sight would be triggered by any (supernatural) action of the parasitic entity
    Mind (Active) will be positive. (Focused) will reveal the conflicting thought patterns between the host and something else.
    Life (Active) will be positive. (Focused) will reveal that a brain-damaging condition is afflicting the host.

    Life 1/Mind 1/Prime...
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