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  • What about a Prime Artificer. I do not mean the "boring" guy that just studies strong magical items (yeah, stuff created by archmasters, proto-portals to worlds unknown, cursed blades.... boring stuff :P ), but the mage that creates them.

    For example, here is a "permanent" self-recharging protective sanctum (with Prime 4)
    Mana Source: Find a remote (not contested) Hallow to use as a mana battery (with Prime 1 or create one with Prime 5)
    Mana Amplifier: Connect nearby ley lines to that hallow to use as Yantra and increase the Hallow's rating (more mana/day)...
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  • Nodes and Hallows are easy to define but to nail the OP's question I think we should first define the ley lines more

    What does a ley line look like under spells or the various degrees of mage sight?
    What is the shape of a Ley Line?
    Is it an actual line or can it be other shapes (like a countour plot)?
    Is the event horrison thin or wide and what are the boundaries of the phenomenon? (need to be on same room. same block or same city to be affected?)
    Is it of continous shape or not? (In a ley line connecting London with Manchester. can the ley line stop existing...
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  • From my understanding, it depends on the mage's consiousness, subconsious (oneiros) and the spell's range of effect. All the cases assume that the mage was unprepared of the possession
    a) The possessed mage looses consiousness but the possessing entity has extra powers to block even his subconsious. Such a mage has effectively no oneiros (or a "frozen" oneiros) and is completelly helpless for the duration of the possession (usually a scene and remember it costs the entity 3 Essence each time), unable to cast any spells of his own. This is a rare/powerful kind of possession fiting...
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  • In my chronicle, the player (Obrimos) also failed dramatically his spell along with his scrutiny. Aether was superimposed into his sight as angered winged creatures with long necks that ended into a single eye were hunting him. So they forced him to relieve his Awakening (it was a painful self-immolation) in order to learn and contain his hybris. His casting is significantly more careful now :P
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