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  • By the way, Mikhaili also sounds weird as a name of the Siberian clan. The name is of judeo-christian origin, and Russia began conquering Siberia in 16th century, Siberia wasn't christian before that. So the name sounds just like if there was a native american clan named "Michaels" (yes, Michaels, plural). Maybe it would be better to name this clan as Tugyngak (a name of human-eating sentinent monster in the legends of people living in northen Syberia)?...
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  • A really dissapointing book. Of all the lost clans only Akhud got a unique Discipline. Julii are Julii, but even then authors could invent something for them. But Pijavica... the most enigmatic and strange clan of all invented in 2e proved to be... just GANGREL with a new clan bane? Are you serious? If you couldn't imagine a whole new Discipline for them why not make a Vicissitude for 2e?

    Then again, what about 6+ Disciplines? Why not imagine something cool and great? Just a bunch of devotions, after SO GREAT Disciplines of 2e Core& Really?

    And no rules for Storyteller...
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