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  • Aleksay
    replied to Age and Power Level of NPCs
    Why? Don't they live in the same world with PCs?

    Let's imagine a large-scale setting to put PCs in to do their agendas I context of the world around them. Let's inhabit this setting with powerful people so that it wouldn't be like they appear from vacuum and disappear when nobody watches them. Let's imagine that the setting has some common laws for every inhabitant.

    Okay, but even there I got where I started. It means to determine stats just for the story, won't it eventually break the unity of the setting, when the PCs
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  • Aleksay
    started a topic Age and Power Level of NPCs

    Age and Power Level of NPCs

    I don't quite understand how powerful NPCs should be according to their age.

    In 1st edition there were a more-or-less working formula from the corebook (about 4 exp per year of unlife), that could be easily calculated from the stats of New Orleans Kindred (written in the last appendix). But the new rules of experience (and especially starting experience) are rather confusing. If I make a vampire about 250 years old (Rank Elder) that means 50 exp only. Roughly dividing it between Attributes-Skills-Merits-Disciplines I get 12/12/12/12 (+2 exp). That means +3 dots for Attributes, +6...
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