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  • Simon Darkstep
    replied to Storyteller Willpower Pool
    My NPCs are mostly - but not entirely - quick stats with numbers chosen to be a relative challenge level. If they're chumps, then the Circle can out-roll them without major Essence. If they're on par, then they roll about the same pools of dice. If they're a big bad boss, then they're over and above, with other mechanics to support them.

    If Willpower is going to be important to a social Scene, I treat it as being discoverable similar to an Intimacy, but in broad, non-numeric terms. They might find someone to be iron-willed, negotiable, a bit exhausted, beaten down, or simply spineless....
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  • We just finished up a story arc in the Pit of Xaarr, featuring our Solars. The Pit is the Lost Aeon of the long-fallen Empire of Xaarr. (A Pit being a fallen Aeon that's attached to, or closer to, the main Underworld than to Creation or anywhere else.)

    As Creation seemed inexorably drawn toward an apocalyptic turning of Ages, the dragon lines and flowing Essence keeping the Age of Sorrows intact had been weakening. Finally, it seems, some Lost Aeons are starting to reconnect, partially becoming accessible to wanderers in Creation itself.

    Our Solars accompanied our...
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  • The PDF seems to be embedded pictures, with some compression artifacts... rather than text?
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