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  • How do you narrate the physical effects of Fate spells?

    Apologies if this has come up a bunch already!

    A couple of players are starting to toy with Fate more, particularly the various means of hexing someone, and while I am perfectly happy in my understanding of the mechanics of these effects I am a little unsure of how to narrate them as a GM. Here's a couple of examples of what I am talking about.

    1. Liz the Acanthus is on the tube and some guy bumps into her. Liz has had a bad day and hexes the chap, inflicting the blindness condition. How exactly does the blindness occur?
    A) Another person in same carriage slips...
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  • Currently running a London game, might come back in a bit and post a bit about our experiences so far, but I thought I might share this link.

    Its a nice catalogue of weird occult stuff from the cities history, which can be good fodder for making Mysteries and setting details....
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  • A big battlegroup backed up by an Exalted Commander with a maxed excellency War Roll and some charms should be able to get enough dice to scare most Solars, you can get a whole circle to burn motes on defence this way, round after round. It makes perfect sense to me that the DB's would send in waves of their mortal footsoldiers to exhaust such dangerous prey before exposing themselves.

    Its been a while since I ran exalted, but I found the quickest way to challenge Solars was to have one fight follow another quite rapidly, starting an encounter with DB's with only half your Mote pool...
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